TacosTacosIt all started in 2014. On my trip to Kauai, we kept noticing multiple roadside stands that boasted “world’s best fish tacos.” Then we went to a restaurant that boasted the “best fish tacos on the island.” I realized that there wasn’t any real data to back that up, so I have made it my mission to eat fish tacos all over the world to find out which ones are actually the best.

What follows are my completely non-scientific observations on tacos from Kauai to Philadelphia, and everywhere in between. I am not a food critic. I don’t get paid to review anything. This is just one gal’s completely subjective view on taco quality…fish tacos in particular.

A note about my rating system: instead of stars, I have decided to use chickens, because Kauai is overrun with chickens. Yes, I know I’m using chickens to rate fish. That’s just the kind of wacky person I am.
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I have also compiled my findings into a Google Sheet, because that’s also the kind of obsessed person I am. I’ve broken down each place by price and rating, and because it’s a spreadsheet, you can sort according to whichever criteria suits you best. You can access that here.

Ready? Start reading.

Only interested in a specific area? I’ve broken my reviews down into several categories:

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  • Below is a map of all the places I have visited so far. As I visit more places, I will add to the map.